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Of or pertaining to any element, compound or alloy that conducts both heat and electricity.

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order rate

Metals; Steel

The ratio of new orders recorded to the mill’s capacity to produce the steel to fill the orders. Many analysts view trends in the order rate as harbingers of future production ...


Metals; Steel

A method of winding narrow strip steel over a much wider roll. Customers want to have as much steel on a coil as will fit in their machines, so they can spend less time moving ...

peak earnings

Metals; Steel

The ultimate earnings level of a company at the top of the business cycle. This is the expected profit during the time of the highest commodity demand and the strongest product ...


Metals; Steel

Fine particles of iron ore mixed with bonding clay and roasted into hard round balls for blast furnace feed.


Metals; Steel

Process that cleans a steel coil of its rust, dirt and oil so that further work can be done to the metal.

pig iron

Metals; Steel

The name for the melted iron produced in a blast furnace, containing a large quantity of carbon (above 1. 5%). Named long ago when molten iron was poured through a trench in the ...

sheet piling

Metals; Steel

A structural steel product with edges designed to interlock; used in the construction of cofferdams or riverbank reinforcement.