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Of or pertaining to any element, compound or alloy that conducts both heat and electricity.

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Metals; Steel

Technically a tube is used to transport fluids or gases. However, pipe and tube are often used interchangeably in steel lexicon, with a given label applied primarily as a matter ...

pipe threading

Metals; Steel

Cutting of threads around the circumference of the pipe.


Metals; Steel

Sheet steel with a width of more than eight inches, with a thickness ranging from one quarter of an inch to more than one foot (see Sheet Steel).

powder metals

Metals; Steel

Fabrication technology in which fine metallic powder is compacted under high pressure and then heated at a temperature slightly below the melting point to solidify the material. ...

precipitation hardening (PH)

Metals; Steel

A small group of stainless steels with high chromium and nickel content, with the most common types having characteristics close to those of martensitic (plain chromium stainless ...

precision plate sawing

Metals; Steel

Involves sawing plate (primary aluminum plate products) into square or rectangular shapes to tolerances as close as 0. 003 of an inch.

pulverized coal injection system (PCI)

Metals; Steel

A blast furnace enhancement to reduce an integrated mill’s reliance on coke (because of environmental problems with its production). Up to 30% of the coke charged into the blast ...