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Non-profit organizations

Abbreviated as NGO, and also known as not-for-profit organisation; an organisation that does not distribute its surplus capital to shareholders or owners, but instead uses them to pursue its original goals.They are usually exempt from income and property tax and most often include charitable organisations, trade unions and public arts organisations.

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Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

Bosfam (The Association Bosnian Family) is a non-governmental organization that provides psychosocial and economic assistance to women affected by the Bosnian war of 1992-1995.

advocacy project

Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

Nonprofit organization that seeks to strengthen community-based human rights advocacy groups. It was established in June 1998 to report to human rights advocates from the Rome ...

Reporters Without Borders

Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

A non-governmental organization that promotes freedom of information and freedom of press. The two main focuses are Internet censorship and the New Media, and material, financial ...


Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

In humanitarian settings and within the UNHCR mandate, a refugee is defined as: any person who is outside his/her country of origin and who is unwilling or unable to return there ...


Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

In a humanitarian context, grants are non-repayable funds disbursed by government departments, corporations, foundations or trusts, to a recipient, often (but not always) a ...


Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

WASH is an acronym (used as noun by aid workers) and stands for water supply, sanitation and hygiene. WASH programs promote good personal and environmental hygiene in order to ...


Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

The term livelihood refers to the activities and strategies through which people earn an income and provide for themselves and for their families. Livelihood programs target ...