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The ultimate gemstone and one of the most widely traded jewelry products worldwide.

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cushion cut

Jewelry; Diamond

A mixed-cut diamond shaped like a square pillow.


Jewelry; Diamond

A diamond is the hardest known natural substance. It is crystallized carbon. Diamonds are mined in rough form and then cut and polished to reveal their brilliance.


Jewelry; Diamond

These are tiny surfaces polished onto a rough diamond that give a finished diamond its shape. The way light interacts with these facets affects a diamond's brilliance and sparkle.

marquise shape

Jewelry; Diamond

A boat-shaped diamond that is long and thin with gently curved sides that come to a point on either end. Marquise is part of the brilliant-cut family.

girdle fringes

Jewelry; Diamond

Stress hair-like lines or cracks that can develop around the girdle during the cutting or polishing process. The bearding or girdle fringe can sometimes be removed, if not too dramatic, with slight ...


Jewelry; Diamond

The term blemish is used when the diamond has scratches or marks on the external area of the stone.

well cut

Jewelry; Diamond

Well cut proportions ensure the maximum compromise between fire and brilliance. When light enters a properly cut diamond, it is reflected from facet to facet, and then back up through the top, ...

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