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The ultimate gemstone and one of the most widely traded jewelry products worldwide.

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trillion shape

Jewelry; Diamond

Is a triangular-shaped diamond with 50 facets. Trillions are commonly used as side stones.

table facet

Jewelry; Diamond

This is the largest facet of a diamond. It is located on the top of the diamond. The table facet is sometimes referred to as the "face. "

claw setting

Jewelry; Diamond

It consists of four or six claws that cradle the diamond. Because this setting allows the maximum amount of light to enter a stone from all angles, it sometimes can make a diamond appear larger and ...

growth lines

Jewelry; Diamond

These can be considered internal flaws, and can often be seen only by rotating the diamond very slowly. They can appear and disappear almost instantaneously. They appear as small lines or planes ...

cutting style

Jewelry; Diamond

Cutting styles are different than diamond shapes. The simplest and most common way to explain cutting style is to categorize it into the following three basic types: Step-cut, Brilliant-cut and ...


Jewelry; Diamond

Stress hair-like lines or cracks that can develop around the girdle during the cutting or polishing process. The bearding or girdle fringe can sometimes be removed, if not too dramatic, with slight ...


Jewelry; Diamond

A diamond often has natural imperfections, commonly referred to as "nature’s fingerprints. " These inclusions contribute to a diamond’s identifying characteristics. Inclusions are found within the ...

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