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The ultimate gemstone and one of the most widely traded jewelry products worldwide.

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bezel setting

Jewelry; Diamond

With a bezel setting, a rim holds the stone and completely surrounds the gem. Bezels can have straight edges, scalloped edges, or can be molded into any shape to accommodate the stone.


Jewelry; Diamond

When light enters a diamond it reflects off the facets and the angles cut into the stone. This distribution of light is known as dispersion, or the display of the spectral colors.

cluster setting

Jewelry; Diamond

This setting surrounds a larger center stone with several smaller stones. It is designed to create a beautiful larger ring from many smaller stones.


Jewelry; Diamond

This cut has both step-cut and brilliant-cut facets. Mixed cuts combine the beauty of the emerald cut with the sparkle of the brilliant cut.

illusion setting

Jewelry; Diamond

This setting is more intricate than others in that it surrounds the stone to make it appear larger. The metal that surrounds the stone usually has an interesting design.

flat-top setting

Jewelry; Diamond

Like the Gypsy setting, this setting has a band that is one continuous piece that gets thicker at the top. A flat-top setting grows broader at the top so that a faceted stone can be inserted into ...


Jewelry; Diamond

A pinpoint is a small dot, which is an inclusion within a diamond. A gathering of pinpoints is called a "cluster" or "cloud. " A cloud or cluster can appear as a hazy area in the diamond.

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