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International economics

International trade theories, policies, finances and their effects on economic activities.

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International economics

exchange stabilization fund

Economy; International economics

A government institution sometimes used to handle exchange market intervention, charged with the explicit function of smoothing exchange rate fluctuations.

excise subsidy

Economy; International economics

A subsidy paid on production or sale (consumption) of a particular good.

excise tax

Economy; International economics

A tax on production or sale (consumption) of a particular good.


Economy; International economics

1. In intellectual property regimes, the transaction at which rights terminate. Under national exhaustion, rights end with first sale in a country, preventing parallel imports. Under international ...

exogenous variable

Economy; International economics

A variable that is taken as given by an economic model. It therefore ''is'' subject to direct manipulation by the modeler. In most models, policy variables such as tariffs and par values of pegged ...

expected value

Economy; International economics

1. The mathematical expected value of a random variable. Equals the sum (or integral) of the values that are possible for it, each multiplied by its probability. 2. What people think a variable is ...

experience good

Economy; International economics

A product whose value can be better known after having consumed it. Producers of experience goods may temporarily charge a price lower than marginal cost to induce buyers to try the product. Done ...

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