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International economics

International trade theories, policies, finances and their effects on economic activities.

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International economics


Economy; International economics

1. A good that moves outward across a country's border for commercial purposes. 2. A product, which might be a service, that is provided to foreigners by a domestic producer. 3. To cause a good or ...

export cartel

Economy; International economics

export cartel is a cartel of exporting countries or firms.

export credit

Economy; International economics

A loan to the buyer of an export, extended by the exporting firm when shipping the good prior to payment, or by a facility of the exporting country's government. In the latter case, by setting a low ...

export credit insurance

Economy; International economics

A program to guarantee payment to exporting firms who extend export credits.

export incentive

Economy; International economics

A government program that makes it more attractive for a firm, industry, or country to export. Most simply, an export subsidy.

export management company

Economy; International economics

A firm that handles the process of exporting for other firms. It may do this for a commission or fee, or it may purchase the goods for subsequent sale.

export processing zone

Economy; International economics

A designated area in a country in which firms can import duty-free so long as the imports are used as inputs to production of exports.

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