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Any two-wheeled motor vehicle that can carry either one or two passengers.

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shift shaft spring

Automotive; Motorcycles

Spring that returns the actuated shift lever to its original position.

shock absorber

Automotive; Motorcycles

Device (also commonly referred to as “damper”) for damping sudden and rapid vertical motion of the rear wheel; referred to as “shock absorber assembly” when the spring around it is installed. /! Do ...

shock absorber air valve

Automotive; Motorcycles

Valve that lets air in/out of the shock absorber for adjusting the spring preload.

shock absorber air valve cap

Automotive; Motorcycles

Cap on the shock absorber air valve.

rear wheel drive hub

Automotive; Motorcycles

Part to which the driven sprocket is mounted and transmits the motive force to the rear wheel via a damper.

rear wheel drive hub damper

Automotive; Motorcycles

Part made of rubber that is inserted between the rear wheel and the drive hub.

rebound damping force

Automotive; Motorcycles

Dampening force that occurs when the suspension rebounds.

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