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Any two-wheeled motor vehicle that can carry either one or two passengers.

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separate lubrication

Automotive; Motorcycles

Separate lubrication system of a 2-stroke engine.

servo motor

Automotive; Motorcycles

Among the servo units that control position and posture, this device generates a motive force in accordance with control signals.

shift arm

Automotive; Motorcycles

Arm that is connected to the shift shaft.

shaft drive

Automotive; Motorcycles

Drive system that transmits power from the transmission to the rear wheel via a shaft, as opposed to a chain or belt.

shift drum groove

Automotive; Motorcycles

Fork guide groove in the shift drum.

shift drum segment

Automotive; Motorcycles

Flower-shaped portion to which the stopper lever of the shift drum comes in contact.

shift fork

Automotive; Motorcycles

Part that traces the groove of the shift drum to shift the transmission.

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