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Any two-wheeled motor vehicle that can carry either one or two passengers.

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rider footrest

Automotive; Motorcycles

Peg on either side of the motorcycle for the rider to rest the foot on.

rider seat

Automotive; Motorcycles

Separate seat for the rider, in addition to the passenger seat.

rider seat release lever

Automotive; Motorcycles

Lever operated to unlock the rider seat.

rocker arm

Automotive; Motorcycles

Arm that opens and closes a valve in accordance with the lever movement of the cam of a camshaft in SOHC engine (SOHC)

rocker arm shaft

Automotive; Motorcycles

Shaft for supporting a rocker arm.

self-diagnosis device

Automotive; Motorcycles

System that checks certain electrical circuits for defects and signals any detected malfunction.

self-locking nut

Automotive; Motorcycles

Nut with a mechanism that prevents it from loosening.

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