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Any two-wheeled motor vehicle that can carry either one or two passengers.

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pull rod

Automotive; Motorcycles

Pull rod with racks cut out to pull on the pressure plate of a rack-and-pinion type clutch release system.

push lever

Automotive; Motorcycles

Lever with serrations that engage with the clutch push rod.

push rod

Automotive; Motorcycles

Rod that passes through the main axle in order to release the clutch.


Automotive; Motorcycles

Abbreviation for “RESERVE”

ring nut

Automotive; Motorcycles

Nut that mounts the under-bracket to the frame; upper~, lower~

reset button

Automotive; Motorcycles

Push button that resets the tripmeter. /! Do not confuse this with “reset knob”.

reset knob

Automotive; Motorcycles

Rotating knob that resets the tripmeter. /! Do not confuse this with “reset button”.

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