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Tourist attractions

Of or relating to places, items, or actions that are popularly known for people to experience a certain history, culture, beauty, or amusement of an area. Examples are the Mona Lisa, The Great Wall of China, or taking a street car in San Francisco.

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Tourist attractions

West Lake

Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

Located in Hangzhou, China in Zhejiang province, the West Lake is a fresh water lake that has many temples, pagodas, and gardens around it.

North End

Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

The oldest residential community in Boston, Massachusetts. The area is small; still, there are over 100 eating establishments and tourist attractions lining the streets. Dining options are primarily ...

health resort

Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

A resort with health-giving qualities, such as air, sun and mineral waters,and special facilities, visited for treatment,convalescence and relaxation.

high seas

Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

The open seas beyond the three mile limit of the shore outside the jurisdiction of any state.

great lakes

Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

Name given to five linked lakes on the border of the USA and Canada: Lakes Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario.

scenic route

Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

Generally a minor road passing through attractive countryside relatively little used by commercial traffic and hence well suited to pleasure motoring. Often identified by local authorities and ...


Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

Treatment offered in a number of centers on the Mediterranean and other resorts in southern Europe, using seawater, sea mud and seaweed to revitalize and invigorate the body.

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