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Tourist attractions

Of or relating to places, items, or actions that are popularly known for people to experience a certain history, culture, beauty, or amusement of an area. Examples are the Mona Lisa, The Great Wall of China, or taking a street car in San Francisco.

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Tourist attractions

westi ndies (WI)

Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

Collective term for the islands of the Caribbean Sea between North and South America.

aquatic sports

Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

Sports conducted in or on water, such as swimming, scuba diving, water polo.


Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

(A) An Oriental market place, usually consisting of a large number of shops or stalls, such as the Istanbul bazaar, one of the city’s major tourist/visitor attractions. (B) A fair for the sale of ...

catchment area

Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

In the context of travel, tourism and hospitality, an area from which the majority of users of an attraction, facility or service are drawn. Many, such as theatres or swimming pools, are usually ...

country park

Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

A public recreational land area in the countryside close to major concentrations of populations, sometimes including water, often with signposted nature trails and information provided about the ...


Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

A small lake among mountains, fed by rainwater from the surrounding steep slopes rather than by a distinct tributary.


Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions

A ryokan is a type of traditional Japanese inn that originated in the Edo period (1603–1868), when such inns served travelers along Japan's highways. They typically feature tatami-matted rooms, ...

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