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Located in Fiji, the Laucala Island Resort actually requires an application in order to stay in this magnificent suite to be granted to give them,$40,000 a night. since this is a resort, everything is included in the hefty price, including gourmet food, champagne, beach horse riding, and even a welcome massage ine the spa .

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位於斐濟的 Laucala 島度假村實際上需要在這壯麗的套件來被授予給他們,保持應用程式 40,000 美元一晚。 因為這是一個度假勝地,一切都包括在沉重的代價,包括美食、 香檳、 沙灘騎馬、 甚至歡迎按摩 ine 水療中心。

Domain: Travel; Category: Hotels

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