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Butterflies are one of the most wonderful creations of mother nature. Throughout of the world, there are well over 20,000 butterfly species. This blossary lists some of the most popular ones from around the world.

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The peacock butterfly, also called dagpauwoog, is a common butterfly found in temperate Eurasian regions. It is of the order Leptidopterae, which includes butterflies and moths and the family Nymphalidae. The peacock butterfly has bright red-orange wings that feature black eyespots with blue-purple flecks. They are so named for the eyespots that resemble the tail of a peacock. The butterfly has a wingspan of between 2 1/4 and 2 1/2 inches. Female peacock butterflies are slightly larger than males. The eyespots on the butterfly's wings provide camouflage and are thus a defense against predators. Peacock butterflies are found in woods, meadows, pastures, parks and gardens as well as mountains, hills and lowland regions. A successful habitat has plants that adult female butterflies can lay eggs upon. These host plants will serve as food for the young caterpillars. Male peacock butterflies can be found in sunny locations where they will chase after females in an attempt to mate.

Domain: Animals; Category: Insects

孔雀蝴蝶,也被稱為 dagpauwoog,是歐亞大陸溫帶地區發現常見的蝴蝶。它是 Leptidopterae,其中包括蝴蝶和蛾類和家庭蛺蝶科秩序。孔雀蝴蝶有功能與藍紫色斑點黑 eyespots 的明亮橘紅色翅膀。他們之所以這樣命名為 eyespots,類似于一隻孔雀的尾巴。蝴蝶有翼展之間 2 1/4 和 2 1/2 英寸。女性孔雀蝴蝶是略大於男性。關於蝴蝶 eyespots ' s 翅膀提供偽裝的因此對天敵的防禦。 孔雀蝴蝶在森林、 草甸、 牧場、 公園和花園,以及山區、 丘陵和平原地區被找到。一個成功的棲息地已經成年女性蝴蝶可以產卵後的植物。這些寄主植物將作為年輕的毛毛蟲的食物。可以在那裡他們將試圖交配追逐女性陽光地點發現雄性孔雀蝴蝶。

Domain: Animals; Category: Insects

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