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A few decades ago, there were only a small number of choices for bottled water, but consumers today find more than 3,000 brands in the marketplace. I've created this primer on some of the top brands of bottled water to take the guesswork out of your next trip down the grocery store aisle. Next time you're thirsty, why not try reaching for one of the ten best bottled waters around?

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Two Norwegian entrepreneurs created Voss, a classy, designer-savvy tube of water from the crisp, frigid aquifers of their Nordic homeland. Shielded for hundreds of years from pollutants by thick layers of rock and sand, Voss water is bottled in Southern Norway, "naturally unfiltered" and served both still and sparkling. But its rugged purity is not Voss' only selling point. The company's designers painstakingly developed the bottle's look and feel to reflect a brand that embodies both health and high fashion. Voss first became available mostly in upscale hotels and in health spas in Europe and in the United States but has since seen much wider distribution in gourmet food and retail stores on both continents.

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Deux entrepreneurs norvégiens créé Voss, un tube chic, concepteur-savvy d'eau des aquifères crisp, glaciales de leur patrie nordique. Eau Voss blindé pour des centaines d'années de polluants par les épaisses couches de roches et de sable, est mis en bouteille dans le sud de la Norvège, « naturellement sans filtrage » et servi tranquilles et effervescents. Mais sa pureté robuste n'est pas seul point de vente des Voss. Les concepteurs de la société élaboré minutieusement apparence de la bouteille afin de refléter une marque qui incarne aussi bien la santé et la haute couture. Tout d'abord, Voss est devenu disponible pour la plupart dans des hôtels de luxe et spas santé en Europe et aux États-Unis mais a depuis vu beaucoup plus large distribution dans les magasins alimentaires et au détail de gourmet sur les deux continents.

Domain: Beverages; Category: Bottled water

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