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While eyebrows serve to keep sweat from the eyes, and male facial hair serve as attraction and distinction, other body hair has not function.

Domain: Medical; Category: Medical research

Wijsheid tanden zijn geworden een pijnlijke overlast, maar van 35% van de mensen niet langer ontwikkelen wijsheid tanden.

Domain: Medical; Category: Medical research

Išminties dantys tapo skausminga nepatogumų, bet iki 35 % žmonių daugiau plėtoti išminties dantys.

Domain: Medical; Category: Medical research

All human fetuses develop nipples before their gender is determined. For men, nipples have no purposes except for the rare occasion of male lactation.

Domain: Medical; Category: Medical research

The blind-ended tube connected to the cecum, being the large instentines, is given the specific name, Vermiform appendix. It develops from the enbryo, and has no actual role in digestion.

Domain: Medical; Category: Medical research

It is a bundle of smooth muscle fibres which attach to several hair folicles that contract involuntarily during stresses such as cold, fear, etc. and produces ineffecitve goosebumps.

Domain: Medical; Category: Medical research

Also known as the tailbone, it is the final segment of the vertebral column, and is also a part of the weight-bearing tripod structure which acts as a support for a sitting person, but this is its ...

Domain: Medical; Category: Medical research

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