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Numbers are associated with many things, may it be colors, status, time or place, certain details, and much more

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Meaning testimony, law, and resposiblity, 10 is associated with divine order, or it can be used in ranking from 1-10. It can also been seen as the 10 commandments, the 10 plagues of Egypt, Israel was ...

Domain: Religion; Category: Christian theology

9 refers to judgement, completeness from God, the fruit of the Spirit. 9 also refers to natural processes: as we all know, it takes 9 months for a a child to grow in the mothers womb. It signifies 3 ...

Domain: Religion; Category: Christian theology

8 refers to new beginings, rebirth, and ressurection. As` 7 is an ending to something, then 7+1=8: right after the end of one thing is the beginning of something new. There are 8 resurrections in the ...

Domain: Religion; Category: Christian theology

As on the of the most significant numbers in the bible, seven represents spiritual completeness, fathers perfection, and the resurrection. It is used in the bible describing the covenant between God ...

Domain: Religion; Category: Christian theology

6 is the only number the represents man. It symbolises the imperfections, labour, and weakness of man, as well as sin. Man was even created on the 6th day. The creation of the world wasnt complete ...

Domain: Religion; Category: Christian theology

Five finger, five senses, and five senses. Not that simple. God's glace is represented by the number 5. It is this way because man's weakness is seen in the number 4, and when man stands with the One ...

Domain: Religion; Category: Christian theology

4 is a number of completion, creation, and the world. It is often used in relation to God's creation. There are 4 regions of eart: North, East, South, West, as there are 4 divisions of the day: ...

Domain: Religion; Category: Christian theology

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