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This glossary may be useful in creating a bilingual resume or cover letter in the fields of journalism or education.

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An anonymous source is a person, organization or resource who/that provides information to a journalist "off the record," with the understanding that the reporter or interviewer to whom the ...

Domain: Printing & publishing; Category: Newspaper

An undercover journalist is a reporter or member of the press who gathers information in secret and may assume an alternative identity or identities during the course of investigating, researching or ...

Domain: Printing & publishing; Category: Newspaper

A page turner (more commonly written with a hyphen as "page-turner") is a novel simply too exciting to put down; the reader turns one page after another.

Domain: Literature; Category: Bestsellers

Adult basic education or ABE may refer to continuing education or literacy courses geared toward mature or nontraditional learners who are honing basic/elementary-level skills in reading, writing and ...

Domain: Education; Category: Knowledge

According to Merriam-Webster, when "press" appears in a journalistic context it refers to "news reporters, publishers, and broadcasters." However, the verb "press" means to push, squeeze, force or ...

Domain: Printing & publishing; Category: Newspaper

A building, location or consulate in a foreign country where an ambassador represents his or her country of origin by facilitating diplomacy.

Domain: Politics; Category: General politics

A term often associated with seasonal agricultural laborers who move from place to place to find new employment, taking temporary jobs that may not be available year-round due harvest cycles or ...

Domain: Agriculture; Category: General agriculture

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