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A Blossary is a cloud based folder that contains related terms that are associated with the Blossary's name. Users can add brand new terms or collect existing terms into a Blossary.

Domain: Technology; Category: Cloud computing

Create Blossary is a feature within Blossary.com that allows users to create brand new Blossaries. A Blossary is a collection of related terms which a user can create new or collect existing terms ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Cloud computing

Create term is the feature within BLossary.com that allows the users to create a brand new term. Create term differs to add term as the create term feature does not automatically assign the term into ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Cloud computing

Add term is the feature used withing Blossary.com to add a new term directly into an existing Blossary. Create term differs to add term as the create term feature does not automatically assign the ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Cloud computing Collected Term

Collect is the term used when using CSOFT's Blossary.com platform to literally collect existing terms that the user has made or terms created be other uses into their own Blossaries. The ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Cloud computing Collected Term

Like is the term used on Blossary.com platform to show your appreciation of a particular Blossary. If you found the Blossary informative and helpful or if the Blossary simply put a smile on your face ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Cloud computing

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