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The Achelous (, also Acheloos, is a river in western Greece. It formed the boundary between Acarnania and Aetolia of antiquity. It empties into the Ionian Sea. In ancient times its spirit was ...

Domain: Geography; Category: Geography Collected Term

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is an international financial institution established to address the need in Asia for infrastructure development. According to the Asian Development ...

Domain: Banking; Category: Investment banking Collected Term

Tendency to selectively look for information that might confirm your belief and overlook information that disconfirms it Wason (1960) study • Subjects shown a set of three numbers that were ...

Domain: Psychology; Category: General psychology Collected Term

This name was given to the goal scored by Argentinian football player Diego Maradona against England in the 1986 World Cup held in Mexico. Maradona scored the goal with the outside of his hand which ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Football Collected Term

Artificial islands in Dubai, UAE off the coast in the Persian Gulf. The islands are the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali, and the Palm Deira. Each island is in the shape of a palm tree and topped ...

Domain: Geography; Category: Geography Collected Term

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (Listeni/njuːˌmɒnoʊˌʌltrəmaɪkrɵˌskɒpɪkˌsɪlɪkoʊvɒlˌkeɪnɵkɒnaɪˈoʊsɪs/) is an English word that refers to a lung disease that is otherwise known as ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Diseases Collected Term

Wearing you pants low and most of the time with no belt. This style of dress originated in the prison system because they confiscated belts and shoe laces so an inmate can't hang himself.

Domain: Language; Category: Slang Collected Term

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