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Determining the strength of concrete


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It is a common structural element of modern buildings. A concrete slab is the foundation of a house or building in construction, made using concrete. The characteristics of a concrete slab is a ...

Domain: Engineering; Category: Civil engineering

A structure composed of a relatively thin shell of concrete. The shells may take the form of ellipsoids or cylindrical sections, or some combination. Most of them are buildings, including storage ...

Domain: Engineering; Category: Civil engineering

A low-density type of concrete throughout which small air bubbles are dispersed in order to increase its frost resistance: used for making roads. With 1 per cent of air, the loss of strength is ...

Domain: Engineering; Category: Civil engineering

A protensão é o artifício de introduzir em uma estrutura, um estado prévio de tensões, de modo a melhorar sua resistência sobre ação de diversas solicitações. A protensão do concreto é realizada, na ...

Domain: Engineering; Category: Civil engineering

Method for controlling weakness in tension. It can be used to produce beams, floors or bridges. Type of reinforced concrete, in which steel bars are replaced by steel cables within ducts disposed to ...

Domain: Engineering; Category: Civil engineering

Thermal expansion is the tendency of a matter to change in volume in response to a change in temperature. There is a coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE)and it is used to determine the ...

Domain: Engineering; Category: Civil engineering

Dilatação térmica é a mudança de dimensão (tamanho) que todos os materiais apresentam quando expostos a aumento da temperatura. Por isso viadutos, prédios e pontes são construídos com vãos entre suas ...

Domain: Engineering; Category: Civil engineering

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