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This is the list of free-agent players within a fantasy football league which helps to ensure that all teams have the opportunity to claim the best free agents, resulting in more balanced, ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Football

A waiver hawk is a player who doesn't want to sacrifice a waiver position to pick up players, so they wait until the early morning hours to make roster moves just minutes after a player clears ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Football

Describing a player that cannot be dropped from an owner's team. This is usually done to protect the integrity of the league. Many leagues keep an updated list of undroppable players so if some ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Football

A defensive approach in which fantasy football managers select an entire team's defensive players to score points. In this case, the offense is most likely stocked with individual studly players, but ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Football

Most fantasy football leagues allow owners to start one quarterback, two running backs, two or three receivers and one tight end, one kicker and one defense. Leagues can determine the number of ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Football

A derogative term in fantasy football that describes a situation in which an NFL team uses more than one running back in a prominent role. For example, a RBBC happened in Miami, where Ronnie Brown ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Football

A scoring system in which players are given bonus points for passing, rushing and/or receiving milestones. For instance, some leagues award one point for every 10 rushing yards or give five points ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Football

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