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A glossary detailing specialist terminology for describing the construction and classification of knives.

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Wharncliffe is the name given to the blade shape where the spine curves to meet a predominantly straight cutting edge. Widely regarded as effecient and useful cutting tool design due to its maximised ...

Domain: Engineering; Category: Mechanical engineering

A wave is a groove cut into the spine of a folding knife, pointing towards the handle in the open position, which allows the deployment of the blade from folded to engaged when drawing the knife from ...

Domain: Engineering; Category: Mechanical engineering

The tanto is the name for the traditional knife of feudal Japan. It saw service as a knife between circa 1200AD until the mid 19th century. Officially, the wearing of blades was forbidden in the ...

Domain: History; Category: Medieval

This term describes a blade shape pioneered in America during the late '70s where the cutting edge of the blade transfers to the knife point at a crisp angle between 30 and 70 degrees rather than a ...

Domain: Engineering; Category: Mechanical engineering

The tang of a knife is the portion of the knife's blade metal that has been shaped to fit the handle material. It provides strength at the join between the knife blade and the knife handle. In a ...

Domain: Engineering; Category: Mechanical engineering

A swedge is a part of some knifepoint constructions where the spine of the knife is tapered into the point and, in some circumstances, sharpened. The start of the swedge's taper is usually only at ...

Domain: Engineering; Category: Mechanical engineering

The stop pin is an integral part of a folding knife's anatomy. It is a length of dowel, usually made from steel or other resistant material, that is held by the knife scales through a track in the ...

Domain: Engineering; Category: Mechanical engineering

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