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The form of logic that forms the heart of modern computer technology and algorithms. It deals with truths and whether statements are true or not.

Domain: Mathematics; Category: Algebra

Perhaps one of the most simple and yet complex geometric figures in existence. A circle is made by a point rotating around another in a plane with a fixed distance.

Domain: Mathematics; Category: Geometry

Conic sections are the intersection of a cone with a flat plane. These have various uses, from parabolas being effective focuses of rays, to ovals which can transmit information from one focus to ...

Domain: Mathematics; Category: Geometry

The more general form of the Pythagorean Theorem. The square of the length of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the legs minus twice the product of the legs and the cosine of the ...

Domain: Mathematics; Category: Trigonometry

Technically impossible, division by zero is generally taken to mean getting the limit of a function as the divisor approaches zero. Note that dividing by exactly zero is impossible.

Domain: Mathematics; Category: General mathematics

The formula that is said to be "the most remarkable formula in mathematics." e raised to the imaginary unit with pi is equal to negative one. It contains what some say to be all of the important ...

Domain: Mathematics; Category: Geometry

Starting from 0 and 1, adding the previous two numbers in the sequence to get the next term in the sequence. The limit of the ratio of the terms is the Golden Ratio.

Domain: Mathematics; Category: General mathematics

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