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At the Moment or Automated Teller Machine. Context clues can help you tell the difference easily. The former definition is used to simply state a time frame while the other is probably telling you ...

Domain: Banking; Category: Personal banking

This is basically PMS for guys. Surely ladies have to experience all these hormones but men have some of them too and they have to deal with the ladies as well.

Domain: Health care; Category: Behavioral science

Calm The Fuck Down is usually told by really good friends to their frantic friends. It would be awkward or insulting if you text or tweet it to others.

Domain: Communication; Category: Written communication

Flashback Friday is a post with pictures from long ago usually posted on a Friday used in social media like Facebook or Twitter.

Domain: Communication; Category: Technical writing

Gay Best Friend is usually used as an accessory by many people but these people are just normal really good friends who happen to be gay.

Domain: Communication; Category: Technical writing

Gratuitous Picture of Yourself is a term that is regularly used as sarcasm. Basically, it's as if you are saying, nice picture of yourself. It doesn't necessarily have to be a picture, sometimes it ...

Domain: Communication; Category: Postal communication

In Other Words usually use to clarify the statement simple or short. This is pretty self-explanatory words. It simply implies 'also known as.'

Domain: Communication; Category: Technical writing

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