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Te past year has been a steep climb for many retailers — those that are still climbing, that is, and not just plateauing or falling. There are all kinds of developments from 2014 that retailers can take to heart next year. These are some upcoming trends retailers may not have at top of their minds — but should. These developing trends in the retail industry will have resonating implications in 2015...and in the years that follow.

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These days, retailers of all types and sizes are experimenting with the pop-up concept. Nordstrom, seemingly ready to shed its staid upscale reputation, has jumped on the store-within-a-store ...

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In October next year, retailers will have a very good reason to update their point-of-sales systems and boost their security: they pretty much have to. But when Target's 2013 retail data breaches ...

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Let’s face it, Black Friday is a shadow of its former self. Not only did Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday intrude, but retailers had been announcing special deals for days and weeks before. Amazon began ...

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A little bit buried in the success of e-commerce and m-commerce over the big Thanksgiving holiday weekend is the fact that a lot of the retailers enjoying that success are traditional ...

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Mobile shopping really hit its stride at the end of the year to many retailers’ surprise. For the first half of the year though, mobile web and apps were notoriously hard to use and discouraged ...

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Mobile payments have officially launched, and retailers have mostly Apple Pay to thank. But some retailers—​notably those involved in the group developing CurrentC, which has yet to be launched but ...

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Raising hourly pay has been a topic of discussion in Washington, in many state capitals, and in several cities. Five states, San Francisco, and Chicago have all succeeded in passing measures to do ...

Domain: Retail; Category: Retail stores

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