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It is one of the five factions in the world of Divergent who value honesty and fairness. was formed by those who blamed duplicity and deception for human nature's faults. Because of this, the Candor are known to value honesty, and their symbol is a set of unbalanced scales bound by a circle.Their colors are black and white. And the element they use in choosing ceremony is glass.

Candor are serious about their views on honesty against dishonesty. They see honesty and trustworthiness as the very foundations of morality and character. They look upon honest individuals with high respect, and upon dishonest individuals with deep contempt; those who don't hide their flaws and even open about them are viewed with sympathy by the Candor. Some might describe the Candor as being honest to a fault — even, in some cases, so honest as to be insulting. A member of the Candor faction would rather insult someone with honesty than lie to them; likewise, a member of Candor would rather be insulted with truths and honest opinions than lied to. In fact, it is not uncommon for the Candor prefer the bitter truth or a disrespectful-yet-honest opinion over a comforting lie, or even a half-(lie/truth). They view complete and utter honesty as the ultimate moral and intellectual perfection.

Their substance in the Choosing Ceremony is glass, and they wear black and white clothing because they see the truth as only black and white. Throughout the years, the Candor faction provided the people with trustworthy and sound leaders in law and politics.

Despite their belief in fairness and impartiality, the Candor believe that the truth is black-and-white, so that is what they wear. Typically they dress formally, with suits and ties being standard uniform with men and women seen in long skirts, while their everyday clothing is typically black pants and white shirts. They greet each other by shaking hands.

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