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Dealing with vehicles or machines used for travel or motion, especially cars.

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damper force

Automotive; Auto parts

The force that dampens vibrations on a vehicle.

curved vane disc

Automotive; Braking systems

Ventilated rotor in which the cooling channels (or vanes) have been curved to increase their ability to pump out hot air and cool the disc. Curved vane rotors are more efficient ...

cross-drilled disc

Automotive; Braking systems

Disc with friction surfaces which have been drilled with rows of holes to improve cooling, reduce weight and provide an escape route for dirt and gasses which can be wedged ...


Automotive; Braking systems

A type of clamp which grips a disc rotor to create friction and thereby generate stopping power.

brake shoe

Automotive; Braking systems

Correctly, the shoe is the metal component used to push the friction lining against the drum in a drum brake system, but the term is now used to refer to the whole shoe and pad ...

brake pad

Automotive; Braking systems

The component in a disc brake system which is fitted with brake lining and clamped against the brake disc to cause friction.

brake hose

Automotive; Braking systems

Flexible rubber (or synthetic) hose used to join hydraulic brake components.