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The activity of conveying information and ideas to others through the exchange of speech, written messages, signals or behaviour such as body language.

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consumer advisory

Communication; Corporate communications

A statement issued by a governmental agency, a public body, an industrial firm or even an individual, meant to inform consumers about the safety or advisability of use of a ...

corporate propaganda

Communication; Corporate communications

Claims that are made by a corporation(s). Corporate propoganda can be for different purposes: 1) to manipulate market opinion to benefit product marketing and sales, 2) to divide ...

corporate communication

Communication; Corporate communications

A department or function of a department, such as marketing, finance, or operations, that is responsible for dissiminating information to important constituencies. Corporate ...

acceptance strategy

Communication; Corporate communications

When an organization accepts responsibility for a crises.

accommodative strategy

Communication; Corporate communications

When a company or organization claims responsibility for a crisis and works to create prevention strategies to avoid having the crisis happen again.

active issue

Communication; Corporate communications

The topic or matter of discussion, debate or dispute between a company and a stakeholder group.

anti-corporate activism

Communication; Corporate communications

Political activism that targets specific organizations, industries or general issues related to corporations and/or capitalism.