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The methods and act of calling something to the attention of the public especially through paid announcements. Also includes the business of preparing advertisements for publication or broadcast.

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Advertising; Online advertising

Founded in 1997, eQuantive was a company involved with the development of targeted online advertising solutions to help companies connect with their consumers. The company's ...

pop-under ad

Advertising; Online advertising

An advert which appears automatically when browsing a web page, but is hidden underneath the page, only becoming visible when the window is closed or minimized.

ad network

Advertising; Online advertising

A advertising company that usually serves as a broker between web site publishers and advertisers. Larger ad networks aggregate sites into general categories so that they can ...


Advertising; Online advertising

A software plugin that enables browsers to play multimedia animations. Some rich media advertisements require users to have this plugin.

regional target

Advertising; Online advertising

Often used to describe web page requests that originated from a similar geographical area. This is measured by analyzing a server's log files for requests from ISPs and then ...

pop behind

Advertising; Online advertising

A type of advertisement that is automatically displayed in a second smaller browser window behind the current window apon loading or unloading a normal web page. Pop behind ...


Advertising; Online advertising

A banner that is in rotation on a page or group of pages, will not be the only banner shown when any of the pages are reloaded. Sometimes an advertiser will request a banner not ...