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Any living creature of the Kingdom Animalia constituting multi-celled organisms as well as single-celled organisms lacking chlorophyll and having the ability for spontaneous movement, such as protozoans.

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panda cow

Animals; Cattle

A cow with markings similar to that of a panda bear as a result of genetic manipulations. A rare miniature panda cow was born on a farm in northern Colorado. TThe so-called panda ...


Animals; Cattle

A male un-castrated bovine (cow). More muscular and aggressive than the female (cow) of the species, bulls are often raised to father cattle in a cow herd.


Animals; Cattle

The removal of horns from cattle when they are calves. This makes them easier to handle and less likely to hurt each other. This practice became popular when cows began to be ...


Animals; Cattle

Wild cattle that haven't been branded or gathered. Sometimes refers to cattle that have been untouched by the cowboys for a long time in remote, rough country. The older the ...


Animals; Cattle

Domesticated ox with tufted tail, native to south Asia.


Animals; Cattle

scientific name: Bos Primigenius; are the most common types of large domesticated ungulates.


Animals; Cattle

Also known as bullock in Australia, New Zealand, and India.