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Record of past mediums or works of art throughout history.

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liberal arts

Art history; Visual arts

The traditional academic disciplines used in educational institutions in late antiquity and the european middle ages. These consisted of the trivia (grammar, rhetoric and ...

lapis lazuli

Art history; Visual arts

A precious stone of a fine blue color. It has been used in jewelry and for a variety of decorative purposes. A spectacular example is in the columns of st. Isaac’s of st. ...

last judgment

Art history; Visual arts

The second coming of christ, depicted in detail in the book of revelations, when he will judge the living and the dead and determine where each individual will spend eternity: ...


Art history; Visual arts

A painting or photograph representing a view of some scene on land, and thus distinguished from a seascape.

land art

Art history; Visual arts

A form of art in which the landscape is inseparable from the art work. Works are not placed in a setting; the setting and the work are one. These works can be vast, and are ...


Art history; Visual arts

A french word to describe something characteristically japanese, or perhaps better, in short, “japaneseness”; hence an art work in or influenced by a style so considered. Woodcuts ...


Art history; Visual arts

The title for a worker or artist who has finished an apprenticeship and qualified to work as a day laborer in the shop or studio of a master.