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Record of past mediums or works of art throughout history.

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Art history; Visual arts

From the greek (eikon) for likeness or image, generally an image that typifies and/or inspires devotion to the depicted subject. More specifically, it designates images of sacred ...


Art history; Visual arts

Those broad areas of study that are not self-consciously natural or social scientific in orientation, including most branches of literature, philosophy, and theology. (in the ...


Art history; Visual arts

hue, color, specific kind of color, can be for ex. 'dark blue'' of color blue.


Art history; Visual arts

A concern for that which is specifically human, as opposed to the divine (or, less often, to the animal); and for humanity in general, rather than particular individuals. More ...


Art history; Visual arts

The line that designates where the ground and sky appear to meet in a landscape image, or, alternatively, would so appear if not obscured or made indistinct by intervening objects ...


Art history; Visual arts

A lighted (often gilt) area depicted around the head of a sacred or otherwise honored personage; see gloriole.


Art history; Visual arts

A series of roughly parallel strokes in a drawing, generally used to indicate the orientation of planes on a form to suggest its rounded plasticity.