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Dealing with vehicles or machines used for travel or motion, especially cars.

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flat front bus

Automotive; Buses & coaches

A typical type of transit and shuttle buses featuring a flat-nosed front. Most non-articulated transit versions are rear engine; articulated versions may have the engine in the ...

Orion International

Automotive; Buses & coaches

Orion International, previously Orion Bus Industries and Ontario Bus Industries in Canada and Bus Industries of America in the United States, was a bus manufacturer based in ...

articulated bus

Automotive; Buses & coaches

A bus characterized by two passenger compartments connected in the mid section that bend or flex to allow the bus to maneuver through curves or around corners. Articulated buses ...


Automotive; Buses & coaches

Vehicle designed to carry up to about 60 passengers and generally used for city or intercity transportation.


Automotive; Buses & coaches

Literally a Guagua, in the Dominican Republic, as well as many other Latin American countries is a bus. Specifically it's a bus that is in really bad conditions (smashed ...