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Dealing with vehicles or machines used for travel or motion, especially cars.

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Automotive; Electric vehicle

’Refilling’ an electric car's battery with electricity. The time a battery takes to charge depends on the size of the battery in kWh and the amount of electric current being ...

fast charge

Automotive; Electric vehicle

Charging at a higher current than a domestic supply (about 7kW as opposed to 3kW). This will fully charge an average electric car in three to four hours. Rapid charging is quicker ...


Automotive; Electric vehicle

A car that integrates a small battery and an electric motor to enhance the efficiency of the engine. The battery’s charge is maintained by the ICE engine - it cannot be charged by ...

battery swapping

Automotive; Electric vehicle

A process to replace a spent battery with a fully charged one to bypass charging time for electric vehicles. The Tesla electric cars are designed to allow fast battery swapping ...

supercharger network

Automotive; Electric vehicle

A network of 480-volt fast charging Tesla supercharger stations located along high traffic corridors across North America that facilitate the Model S sedans to make long distance ...

D Series

Automotive; Electric vehicle

The ‘D Series’ is an improvement on the S. D stands for Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive + Autopilot. One of the main advantages of the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive is the acceleration ...


Automotive; Electric vehicle

Ha: Mo means Harmonious Mobility Network Ha:Mo is the Toyota's new electric motorbike. This particular motorbike has a network system combining private car and public ...