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Baked goods

Of or related to food prepared by the use of high heat, especially an oven, to make the food product edible for human consumption. Usually requires yeast as an active ingredient.

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Baked goods; Bread

Damper is a traditional Australian soda bread prepared by swagmen, drovers, stockmen and other travelers. It consists of a wheat flour based bread, traditionally baked in the ...


Baked goods; Bread

Dampfnudel is a sort of white bread eaten as a meal or as a dessert in Germany and in France (Alsace). It is a typical dish in southern Germany.


Baked goods; Bread

Dosa or dhosai is a fermented crepe or pancake made from rice batter and black lentils. It is indigenous to and is a staple dish in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, ...


Baked goods; Bread

A farl (reduced form of the Scots fardel) is any of various roughly triangular flat breads and cakes, traditionally made by cutting a round into four pieces.


Baked goods; Bread

Flatkaka is an Icelandic unleavened rye flatbread. Flatkaka is soft, round, thin and dark with a characteristic pattern from the pan. Traditionally, flatkaka was baked on hot ...


Baked goods; Bread

A Gugelhupf or Gugelhopf is a southern German, Austrian, Swiss and Alsatian term for a marble cake or Bundt cake. In the rest of Germany is is called "Bundkuchen" or "Napfkuchen". ...


Baked goods; Bread

Hallulla is a popular bread in Chile. The hallulla is a flat round bread baked with butter and is used for Chilean aliados (cheese and ham sandwich).