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Dealing with relatively small, usually open, waterbound craft.

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running rigging

Boat; Sailboat

The lines that literally "run" or move about the boat for use in hoisting, lowering, and controlling the sails.


Boat; Sailboat

A U-shaped link with openable pin for connecting or attaching various components.


Boat; Sailboat

Pronounced "shiv". A grooved wheel or pulley with axle, used for example in a block, to prevent line wear and to change direction of the line.

sheave box

Boat; Sailboat

A fitting with a sheave used at the exit point on a spar where internal halyards pass through.


Boat; Sailboat

A line used to control directly or indirectly the trim of a sail.

sheet load

Boat; Sailboat

The direction the line used for the sheets takes.


Boat; Sailboat

The stays that support the mast at the sides.