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Dealing with relatively small, usually open, waterbound craft.

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cat rig

Boat; Sailboat

A sail rig with a single mast well forward and a single sail attached to the aft side of the mast.

cam cleat

Boat; Sailboat

A fitting used to belay a line utilizing two pivoting serrated cams that allow for immediate adjustment.

mast step

Boat; Sailboat

The fitting or receptacle that receives the base of the mast to secure it in position.


Boat; Sailboat

A patented method used to form an eye splice in wire rope by the use of special clamping devices.

pad eye

Boat; Sailboat

An eye fitting with a substantial base used to secure fittings such as blocks to the deck or cabin top.


Boat; Sailboat

The "pins" attached to the rudder (or sometimes to the boat), which fit into the gudgeons thereby allowing the rudder to pivot.


Boat; Sailboat

To reeve is to pass a line through any aperture such as a block or eye. The past tense is ROVE.