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Dealing with relatively small, usually open, waterbound craft.

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cheek block

Boat; Sailboat

A block with a base that is fastened to a surface, such as a deck. The sheave of the block is usually parallel with this base.

chainplate cover

Boat; Sailboat

A plate used to cap the area of the deck where the top of the chainplate protrudes.


Boat; Sailboat

Metal strap connected to the hull to which the shrouds are attached in order to distribute the strains set up in the rigging to the boat.

centerboard trunk

Boat; Sailboat

The casing in boat that houses the centerboard.

centerboard pin

Boat; Sailboat

A bolt or rod that secures the centerboard to the centerboard trunk and allows the board to pivot up and down.

centerboard pennant

Boat; Sailboat

The line used to raise and lower the centerboard.


Boat; Sailboat

A vertical plate sticking out the bottom of the boat that pivots up and down about the centerboard pin.