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The business service industry provides the core business skills and knowledge required for a high performing workplace.It covers an array of expertise, including customer contact, business administration, business management, business information and human resource management.

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Business services; Education & training

A situation wherein the owner of a property or the person suffering a health condition does not have enough insurance to cover the value of the item or the health care costs.

labor piracy

Business services; Education & training

A practice in which one employer offers an employee from another company lucrative incentives to work for them. Employees in great demand are targeted by potential employers who ...

academy of accounting historians

Business services; Education & training

An organization run by volunteers that is dedicated to the study of accounting. They traditionally produce the Accounting Historians Journal.

impersonal accounts

Business services; Education & training

Accounts which are not held in the name of the persons or are directly related to the customers or suppliers of a business.

above full-employment equilibrium

Business services; Education & training

Situation where an economy is producing goods at a higher level than it normally does, as measured by its gross domestic product (GDP). Due to this factor, there will be no excess ...

above the line deduction

Business services; Education & training

Amounts that can be taken away from the total income recognized for an individual. These amounts include payments made for alimony/child support or costs associated with ...

absentee landlord

Business services; Education & training

Property owner who does not occupy his or her property and either rents it out or leaves it vacant, but does not abandon it. Also called absentee owner.