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The business service industry provides the core business skills and knowledge required for a high performing workplace.It covers an array of expertise, including customer contact, business administration, business management, business information and human resource management.

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portfolio income

Business services; Personnel

Income not derived in the ordinary course of a trade or business, such as interest earned on savings, dividends, royalties, capital gains, or other investment sources.


Business services; Personnel

An incorporator is someone who is a member of the corporation, who may be either a stockholder or an officer.


Business services; Personnel

The person or persons who take responsibility for creating and organizing a business into a corporation, is called a promoter.


Business services; Personnel

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implied authority

Business services; Personnel

An agent's authority to act that is not expressed by the principal, but is assumed by both parties to be present.

Bukola Ogundipe

Business services; Personnel

UK Based Nigerian Entrepreneur - A graphic designer with business empire ranging from eCommerce to Security outfits in UK and abroad. Bukola Ogundipe is a Co-founder of eBoso ...


Business services; Personnel

Maid or a housekeeper provides cleaning service to its customers, typcially for a hotel guest or a private home owner.