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The business service industry provides the core business skills and knowledge required for a high performing workplace.It covers an array of expertise, including customer contact, business administration, business management, business information and human resource management.

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Business services; Pest control

A living microorganism, usually a bacterium, fungus, mycoplasma, or virus that can cause disease in the presence of a specific host and under the right environmental conditions.


Business services; Pest control

A pesticide or any chemical used to kill rodents.

residual insecticides

Business services; Pest control

Insecticides that remain persistent on a surface over a long period of time.

key pest

Business services; Pest control

An insect, mite, disease, nematode, or weed that frequently results in unacceptable damage and thus typically requires a control action. 1

ipm plan

Business services; Pest control

A written document including specific information regarding the operation of the school?s IPM program, such as IPM roles for all school staff, parents, students, and other ...

integrated pest management (IPM)

Business services; Pest control

An approach to maintaining insect, mite, disease, nematode, weed, or vertebrate pests at tolerable levels by using biological knowledge of pests and pest behavior to implement ...


Business services; Pest control

A pesticide used to kill and/or control insects.