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The business service industry provides the core business skills and knowledge required for a high performing workplace.It covers an array of expertise, including customer contact, business administration, business management, business information and human resource management.

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Business services; Customer management

1. A client is a person or group of people (i.e. a company) that is paying for our services. These services may include customization, new development or other services for which ...

user registration

Business services; Customer management

To formally notify a manufacturer that you have purchased and legitimately own one of their products, thereby qualifying for service and support.

zombie debt

Business services; Customer management

A term used to describe older debts that have been brought "back to life" by collection actions. Zombie debt is debt that a consumer may have forgotten about until it is ...

marshalling of assets

Business services; Customer management

Legal rule that directs the claims of creditors of an insolvent debtor to achieve a fair distribution of debtor's assets among them. For example (between two creditors), if one ...

horizontal audit

Business services; Customer management

An evaluation of a given process or activity across more than one group or department within an organization. Such audits are used to gauge the effectiveness of an otherwise ...

budgetary control

Business services; Customer management

Methodical control of an organization's operations through establishment of standards and targets regarding income and expenditure, and a continuous monitoring and adjustment of ...

ZEW Economic Sentiment

Business services; Customer management

A survey of economists and analysts conducted monthly, assessing the economic conditions of several countries and regions including the U.S., Germany, Japan and United Kingdom. ...