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The business service industry provides the core business skills and knowledge required for a high performing workplace.It covers an array of expertise, including customer contact, business administration, business management, business information and human resource management.

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Business services; Consulting

The transfer of ownership rights to the government when no other legally qualified person can be located to take ownership of the property.

strategy consulting

Business services; Consulting

The field of strategy consulting includes and concerns all kinds of strategic issues and problem areas such as the development of strong leadership, the ability to understand and ...


Business services; Consulting

The business service of providing professional counseling to companies, institutions and persons on various professional topics and issues. The consulting services are regularly ...


Business services; Consulting

Goods and services which cannot be traded internationally.


Business services; Consulting

A probihition on trading with a country, generally or in some particular goods


Business services; Consulting

Sacking by firms of labour which is not required.

legal tender

Business services; Consulting

Forms of money which a creditor is legally obliged to accept in settlement of a debt.