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The activity of conveying information and ideas to others through the exchange of speech, written messages, signals or behaviour such as body language.

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Darwin information typing architecture (DITA)

Communication; Technical writing

DITA is an XML topic-based data architecture for authoring and publishing content. Originally developed by IBM in 1999, many third party tools now support DITA authoring, such as ...

content management system (CMS)

Communication; Technical writing

A content management system (CMS) is a software tool that provides the management and administration of document authoring, collaboration, and production automation. CMS allows a ...

cascading style sheet (CSS)

Communication; Technical writing

A cascading style sheet is a set of rules that specify how a web browser displays text on an HTML page. The advantages of CSS instead of HTML formatting are as follows: * The ...


Communication; Technical writing

A callout is text and a line that points to an area or a feature of an illustration or technical drawing, providing information about that feature, such as its name or geometric ...

embedded help

Communication; Technical writing

Embedded help is documentation that appears in a window, a screen, or a tab within the software. Unlike context-sensitive help, users do not click a button or move the mouse over ...

controlled language

Communication; Technical writing

A subset of a natural language with restrictions on how grammar and vocabulary are used in order to reduce or eliminate ambiguity and complexity. The purpose is to make text as ...

In Other Words (IOW)

Communication; Technical writing

In Other Words usually use to clarify the statement simple or short. This is pretty self-explanatory words. It simply implies 'also known as.'