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The activity of conveying information and ideas to others through the exchange of speech, written messages, signals or behaviour such as body language.

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Communication > Postal communication

communications satellite

Communication; Postal communication

A satellite that is put in an orbit around the Earth to relay signals that are sent up from one place on Earth down to another place.


Communication; Postal communication

Deltiology refers to the collection and study of postcards, usually as a hobby.

In Real Life (IRL)

Communication; Postal communication

In Real Life is usually used in Tumblr and Twitter, this phrase is compared to something that is idealistic that brings back people to the reality.

Just Got Home (JGH)

Communication; Postal communication

This is self-explanatory and usually stands alone in a tweet or text. So here's a trivia, acronyms that don't make a work are actually initialisms.

Now Watching (NW)

Communication; Postal communication

Now Watching also known as NW for short. Like Now Playing, Now Watching is usually followed by the television show.

Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself (GPOY)

Communication; Postal communication

Gratuitous Picture of Yourself is a term that is regularly used as sarcasm. Basically, it's as if you are saying, nice picture of yourself. It doesn't necessarily have to be a ...

Out To Lunch (OTL)

Communication; Postal communication

There are many meanings for this term but it is actually a Korean emoticon of a man kneeling down with his hands on the ground. It means strong emotions of face palm or giving up.