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Any formal meeting or assembly for the discussion of matters of common concern.

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Medgyessy Ferenc Memorial Museum

Tourism & hospitality; Landmarks

Medgyessy Ferenc was a famed 20th century Hungarian sculptor, one of the most influential in his time. The Medgessy exhibition is open on every day from 10:00 to 16:00, with the ...

Holló László Museum

Convention; Exhibition

The museum, which is arranged in the former home of the denominator, is dedicated to László Holló, a famous artist. Beside his expressive paintings, the museum also contains ...

Tanner's House

Convention; Exhibition

The Tanner's House is one of Debrecen's oldest historic workshops. Its function is to preserve and pass on the knowledge of the local traditional crafting arts. The ...

MODEM Center of Modern and Contemporary Art

Convention; Exhibition

The MODEM is the biggest art gallery in Debrecen and the region. It is situated in the historical downtown of the city. The MODEM gives home to all kinds of different contemporary ...

Déri Museum

Convention; Exhibition

The Déri Museum has a few different exhibitions, but it is best known for Mihály Munkácsy's famous Christ Trilogy paintings. There are exhibition tours multiple times per ...

Above The Line: People and Places in the DPRK (North Korea)

Convention; Exhibition

Above The Line: People and Places in the DPRK (North Korea) is an exhibition of 81 large-scale colour photographs captured by photojournalist Nick Danziger. He visited the cities ...


Convention; Exhibition

Exposition is a large public exhibition that allows showcasing varied art or trade commodities and related activities. Such exhibitions could be at a regional level or as big as ...