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Pertaining or related to any style of dance or choreographic technique.

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Dance; Ballroom

It is a form of Balinese dance and music drama, originated in the 1930s Bali and is performed primarily by men, although a few women's kecak groups exist as of 2006.Traditional ...


Dance; Ballroom

In an origin's version, the dance originated from the slaves working in sugar beet fields. These slaves were connected to one another by a chain strapped to their ankles and had ...


Dance; Ballroom

Ballroom dance marked by quick walking steps. It is popular in social dancing at the beginning of the 20th century.

international style

Dance; Ballroom

The internationally recognized style of ballroom dancing which includes 10 international dances.


Dance; Ballroom

The international version of Swing. In spite of its fast tempo, Jive is still danced in triple-rhythm.


Dance; Ballroom

An older style of Swing danced in single-rhythm, to very fast big band jazz music of the thirties and forties.

latin hip motion

Dance; Ballroom

The characteristic movement of the hips found in the Latin and Rhythm dances. It is achieved by rotating the hips around the spine.