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Pertaining or related to any style of dance or choreographic technique.

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Dance; Ballroom

Movement which follows a straight direction, as opposed to movement which is rotational.

line of dance

Dance; Ballroom

The counterclockwise flow of traffic around the dance floor. The Line of Dance represents the general direction of movement overall, and is only pertinent to dances that travel ...


Dance; Ballroom

The lowering of the body from a position of rise, through the action of the ankles/feet. Not to be confused with compression.

weight change

Dance; Ballroom

The full transference of body weight from one foot to the other.


Dance; Ballroom

A position of the arms formed by two partners with connected hands, which forms the shape of a window.

zig zag

Dance; Ballroom

A figure or pattern involving sharp or angular changes of direction.


Dance; Ballroom

A unit of music representing a group of consecutive beats. The number of beats in a bar or measure is measured by the time signature, and is determined by the ratio and relative ...