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The act or process of teaching or learning.

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Classroom Notebook

Education; Professional training

A proprietary tool created for the GSCC project, in Classroom Notebook the faculty reflect upon their classroom experiences on a weekly basis, identify themes, and attach ...


Education; Professional training

A faculty member from Cohort 1 who is working with a small group of GSCC 2.0 faculty to guide their practice over the next year.

coaching circle

Education; Professional training

Within the GSCC project, we will break into smaller, discipline-specific groups, each supported by a faculty coach who was part of the first cohort of GSCC. As a circle, they will ...


Education; Professional training

Generically, tags are non-hierarchical keywords that are applied to information. You might have used tags to describe your bookmarks, if you use a social bookmarking tool like ...


Education; Professional training

The GSCC project has created a finite set of themes -- manifestations of teacher qualities, instructional values and instructional approaches. They were drawn from faculty work in ...


Education; Professional training

Deeper than just reflection, in meta-reflection one also closely examines the research process itself, as well as being self-critical.

shreds of evidence

Education; Professional training

These are actual artifacts, examples, discussion points or other specific data that support the comments you are making about your class, themes or tags.