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The act or process of teaching or learning.

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Education; Knowledge

The ability of an organisation or of an individual to adapt to new technologies, new market conditions and new work patterns.

digital literacy

Education; Knowledge

The competence to use information and communication technology (ICT). Basic information and communication technology skills.

non-formal learning

Education; Knowledge

Learning which is embedded in planned activities not explicitly designated as learning (in terms of learning objectives, learning time or learning support). Non-formal learning is ...

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Education; Knowledge

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (English: Library of Alexandria; Arabic: مكتبة الإسكندرية‎, Maktabat al-Iskandarīyah, Egyptian ) in Alexandria is a wonderful reincarnation of the ...

knowlegde economy

Education; Knowledge

A system of consumption and production that is based on intellectual capital. The knowledge economy commonly makes up a large share of all economic activity in developed ...

wheat and chessboard problem

Education; Knowledge

A famous problem, sometimes attributed to a conversation between a King and his muse. The question is simple - if a chessboard had a single grain on its first square, then two on ...

prose fiction

Education; Knowledge

Short stories and novels that focus on one or a few characters who undergo change or development as they interact with other characters and deal with their problems.