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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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web long

Entertainment; Circus

Ropes hung from the top of the tent for aerialists to perform on.


Entertainment; Circus

A circus apparatus and name of relevant circus genre. The following two types of wire are used in wire-walker's acts: tightly stretched wire and free fastened wire (in the last ...


Entertainment; Circus

French wrestling competitions enriched the performances in all the largest circuses of Europe. French wrestling was first allowed in St. -Petersburg in 1894, in the first ...


Entertainment; Circus

Adagio is a type of dance in which couples perform steps requiring great skill in synchronization, lifting, balancing, and turning. Typically displayed as two to four partners ...

aerial hoop

Entertainment; Circus

Aerial Hoop is a metallic hoop suspended in mid air, providing a showcase of grace and poise for the artist.


Entertainment; Circus

Bike acts may feature acrobatic and balancing feats, and even stacking pyramids performed on a moving bicycle. Extreme/BMX bike acts perform stunts such as vertical loops.

cloud swing

Entertainment; Circus

Cloud Swing is a single web (a very thick woven fabric rope) suspended by both ends to make a swing. This act demands all the precision of movement of a Spanish web, but is set ...